Whirlpool EveryDrop

Freshly filtered water at the speed of life.

Water, water, everywhere, yet not a drop to drink. With the contaminated state of the ordinary tap water flowing from this country’s faucets, it’s no surprise that companies make millions — and sell millions — of resource-ravaging bottles; clunky, chunky water faucet filters; and space-wasting, time-taking water filter pitchers.

Even with all of these choices, none offers an ideal way to ensure fresh, filtered water. So after extensive research, Whirlpool came up with a water filtration system that would better serve the needs of those who prefer to only drink and cook with freshly filtered water, at home and on the go.

EveryDrop™ Water Filter makes a huge splash.

The EveryDrop™ Water Filter is the only water filter that has a sleek and unique funnel design, so it’s as versatile at home as it is portable on the go.  It not only freshly filters water into every type of container; it’s untethered and goes where you go.

Its high-speed filtration system fills a one-gallon pitcher in two minutes. That’s five times faster than the leading brand of filter pitchers. So now everyone can enjoy great-tasting, freshly filtered water — water at the speed of life.

Knowing that the EveryDrop™ Water Filter audience is fluent in all media, all were utilized. First to launch were everydropwater.com, Facebook and other social media channels; and then came the digital ads, the YouTube video and spots on broadcast TV.

Of course, you can’t launch a product that doesn’t have a name, and BFG did the honors for the EveryDrop™ Water Filter as well as designed its packaging.

The EveryDrop™ Water Filter is a refreshing change of pace and taste for everyone, and its success proves it.

Refreshing Results

• When the TV commercial ran, retailers such as Walmart and Target saw a surge in sales.

• With a primary goal of raising product awareness in tandem with its growing presence in retail, the EveryDrop™ Water Filter’s Facebook page has experienced over 1.3MM post impressions since its launch in October 2013.

• Since the page’s launch on Oct. 1, 75,000 new Facebook fans became aware of the EveryDrop™ Water Filter. As product awareness grew, so did user engagement with highly visual, informational content robustly targeted by consumer behavior and precise interest.

• Promotion of the EveryDrop™ Water Filter also was timely and relevant on a local level: Following a bottled water ban in the city of San Francisco, a targeted paid campaign resulted in more than 90K overall ad impressions over a multi-week flight.

• And our efforts were rewarded: The EveryDrop™ Water Filter won the bronze in “Kitchen, Bath & Wellness” at the 2014 Edison Awards. It also won Best of the Best – Gold in the “Home Environment – Appliance” category at the 2014 Housewares Design Awards.